And It Begins…

I thought that I would share just a little bit of what I’ve written so far in my novel-writing journey. Just a taste of what I’m trying to convey in the story of my leading character–whose name I’m not yet ready to share. Sorry. She’s still fragile and forming. But this little prelude has been written for a while. I’m still not certain it will be in the final draft, but currently it sits at the very beginning as a kind of description of what lies ahead. A prologue, if you will.

Well, anyway. Here it is. I hope you like it. In fact, if you do, let me know what you like. If you don’t, I’d appreciate it if you tell my why on that, as well. Here goes:

Memories float through her mind like dry, brittle leaves dancing carelessly in an autumn breeze. Memories of a past she can’t remember. Memories of a past she is unable to forget. Memories—like the ever-present, ever-haunting presence of the bright cerulean bluebird flitting on the fence outside her window every morning—tickling, teasing, taunting her senses, urging her to pay attention to their existence, causing her to lose focus on the tasks at hand, staring vacantly into a world that no longer exists. A world she cannot yet see.

If she can only wake up from these memories, push them forever down into the subconscious world of dreams. But these memories won’t back down, won’t fade away like fog that dissipates with the morning light. These memories linger. They fester. They irritate. Like a splinter in her finger that she can’t quite dig out. Always catching, always tender, but never visible enough to grab with the tweezers and pull. Never fully there. Never fully gone. Always gnawing. Always festering. Always infecting the present.

Now the memories of recent weeks join the pile of ancient debris cluttering her mind. Swirling around inside until the present becomes tangled in the jumble of past memories within her head. Swirling and churning like a tormented sea in the midst of a hurricane. How does she remember memories buried deep within the mind? How does she leave these memories behind?

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