Balancing Act

I’m writing because I promised myself I would, not because there’s really much to say. I’m currently busy trying to get my thoughts in order to work on a book I’ve wanted to write for a while now–so most other thoughts are kind of getting shuffled out of my head.

As I sit at my desk, my sweet and constant companion, Alfred is taking his morning snooze in the window, and the house contractors are standing in my driveway discussing how best to rip apart the outside framing of my brand new home.

Peace and chaos. That seems to be my world these days. Moments of blissful peace surrounded by utter and extreme chaos. Hmmm. Maybe that’s just life. Maybe all of life is just a balancing act of finding peace and beauty in between the long periods of chaos and craziness. How we focus on the moments of peace, if we allow ourselves the freedom to dwell on those brief interludes of tranquility, this is what brings us joy. This is what lends beauty to our world.

In a world so dark and filled with so much confusion, these moments of beauty can be way too brief to even see–if we don’t continually look for them. I found myself quite guilty of this failing throughout most of the last half of 2017. I want this new year to be different. I want to be able to see those instances of beauty, peace, joy, love, and hope–even in the midst of the craziness of life. So as I look out the window and see the house repair debate going on outside, my eyes choose to focus on a little (well, he’s not really all that little) ginger cat sleeping peacefully in the sunshine. The sun dances in shiny patterns on his fur, and as he squints his eyes shut to keep out the bright light, he has a peaceful grin on that ginger chin of his. His contentment makes me smile–brings me joy.

Peace and chaos. My prayer is that we all learn to find more of the peace than the chaos in this shiny, new year ahead. And now, I’m diving back into my book writing. 😉


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