The Truth Behind Depression…At Least for Me


I have struggled off and on with depression my entire life; it seems to be tied to an imbalance in my thyroid hormones. But whatever the scientific cause, I have noticed through the years this one truth: when I drag myself off the pity-party couch and make myself reach out to others in need around me, refusing to focus on my own inadequacies and focus instead on someone else’s needs, I find myself miraculously drifting outside the dark haze of depression and back into the groove of normal moods.


Ann Voskamp has once again nailed my thoughts and feelings straight in the heart–as only a fellow sufferer can, I guess. This post from “A Holy Experience” is simply too profound not to share and she has expressed my recent thoughts so perfectly that I dare not try to paraphrase…I will simply “Gift.It.Forward.Today. to you. Read and enjoy…and then share yourself with others.


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