Stream of Consciousness

Nederlands: Zonnestralen boven Willeskop met i...
Nederlands: Zonnestralen boven Willeskop met in de verte Oudewater. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early morning sunlight breaking through the fog, ribbons of golden light, strands from the sky shooting down to measure the distance between heaven and earth in a breathtaking display of beauty and peace.

Brandon Heath singing “Give Me Your Eyes,” as I drive down the road, the guy in front of me going fifteen miles under the speed limit. No where to pass him. Why does drive this way? Why does he get in the way? Could be he is so weighed down with the cares and worries of his world that he can’t manage to push the pedal any harder. No more energy left inside. Could be he needs his truck worked on, but has no more money to fix it–all is going to keep his family fed. Could be…

Why do we always see the bad in life? Why must we always judge, and in the judging, see only the negative? The fog, blocking our view of the road, instead of the glory of God’s natural beauty shining in a kaleidoscope of patterns, textures and colors all around us, like His own personal show for our personal pleasure, a sharing of His heart to us. The truck in front, in our way, slowing us down, instead of a person with thoughts, emotions, feelings, concerns and worries to pray for, to care about, to take an interest in, to help out…a sharing of His heart to others.

These were the thoughts as I drove home from taking my son to school this morning. Somewhat disjointed, somewhat nebulous, but a glimpse of where my mind travels in the early morning light.

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