A Touchy Subject

The girls in my support group got onto quite an interesting topic the other day–the breast cancer patient/survivor’s love life. While this is not a topic I want to delve into in the wide open spaces of the internet, suffice it to say, it IS a very important topic for the cancer patient and their partner to discuss. If you have questions, concerns, fears or issues PLEASE deal with them.

There are professionals that specialize in this topic, and a good support group comes in very handy for realizing that the issues and concerns that you have are quite often faced by many, if not most, other cancer survivors. Talk to your oncologist, if you feel comfortable doing so. They will, at the very least, be able to point you in the right direction. If you aren’t comfortable discussing this topic with your oncologist, find a well-informed nurse or one of your other medical professionals who can guide you to someone you can trust with this issue.

My point is this: don’t sit quietly and think that you are alone in your fears and concerns; and whatever you do, don’t think that it is something that will just blow over. If it concerns you or your partner, it needs to be worked through. Understand that there are many changes, both physical and emotional, that you are going through (many that your partner is facing, as well) and this is not something to be ignored. Your feelings and concerns, your partner’s feelings and concerns, are real and need to be addressed. A healthy relationship with your partner, both emotionally and physically, is paramount to helping both of you cope with the changes in your lives. Don’t sweep your concerns under the rug, thinking they will go away. Work at having a healthy relationship…it will go a long way to helping you heal from the scars of cancer.

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