The Fun of Travelling

We went on our Spring Break trip a week or so ago (thus my slowness to get anything posted recently!), so instead of writing about life after cancer, I have decided to write about LIFE in general. Living and loving and sharing some wonderful memories with those who are nearest and dearest to my heart…my guys! We headed up the East Coast on a family road trip to visit college campuses. My 17-year old is now a junior in high school and VERY interested in studying to become a missionary physician–BIG goals for a young man! So we chose to spend our spring break visiting some really cool places–Williamsburg, VA; New York City; Boston; Providence, RI; and Cape Code! What a blast! Traveling with my guys is always a pleasure and they really excel at road trips. As we travelled up the East Coast I realized how much of the world is out there waiting for me to see and experience. So many places to explore and more than anything, I want to be able to experience these wonderful sights with my wonderful guys! I know lots of people that enjoy traveling and visiting different places on their own. And while I have always thought that was so neat to be independent enough to do things like that I realize, that for me, traveling just isn’t as much fun without the ones I love sharing the fun with me. Most of the fun of our family road trips is spending time together in a relaxed “just enjoy the moment” kind of way. Driving, walking, talking, joking, laughing, experiencing–together. I have a lot of friends who have created bucket lists…and I have found that for many of us who have faced the prospect of death, these kinds of lists became somewhat of a priority. While I was on chemo, I thought long and hard about creating such a list. Because, as I said, there are still MANY, many places I’ve never seen; many exciting things I’ve never done. Exotic places. Exciting places. Different cultures. Different foods and smells and sounds. But none of these experiences hold nearly as much charm for me, if I can’t experience them with my guys. This East Coast Road Trip was the first trip we took without all of our sons with us…our oldest moved to Los Angeles in January, and wasn’t able to go with us. We missed him. He adds his own special flare to our trips that cannot be replaced. And I guess that’s how I feel about traveling alone. The places are exotic, exciting and new. But without the ones I love sharing these experiences with me, there is no real appeal for me. Showing off the photos and details of a really cool trip is fun, but sharing the memories for years to come, with those you love, is a lasting joy.

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One thought on “The Fun of Travelling

  1. Just beautiful….best of all, it is shared with with people you care about. Happiness and excitement can be seen in all the images. My favorite is the one where two people were walking side by side.

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