This IS my Home

If you’ve read my posts very long, you will realize that music plays a HUGE role in my life. It lifts me up, comforts me, calls me to action, gives me home, and makes me think. And in the Christian music world, I rarely find a song I disagree with.

Today, I heard a song that made me think. It made me think about my place in the universe…and whether or not I belong. It’s a beautiful song and the group sings about not belonging here, about waiting/wanting to be with Jesus. These words, or at least words very similar, have given me comfort throughout my life. I am a Christian and I do truly believe that one day I will be in Heaven with my Heavenly Father. And this thought has brought me much comfort in those times when this world seems so dark and unbearably evil. When this world seems so imperfect and unlike God’s desire for us.

But as I listened to this song today, I made a discovery about my beliefs. I believe that we DO belong here on earth. As Christians, Jesus is ALREADY with us…here on earth, right now. I believe that everyone has a purpose…everyone is put upon this earth FOR a purpose. And if that is the case, then we DO belong here…on this earth, at this time, in this place, at this point in history…for a reason.

I am not certain exactly what my purpose is on this earth…other than raising four incredibly talented sons and helping them discover their purpose. But I do sincerely believe that my life has a purpose, a meaning, a point for my being here. I DO belong here…this IS my home–at least for now.

And because this is my home I want it, need it to be a better place. A more perfect place. A place a little more like Heaven.

And I believe that happens one little step at a time. Making one small change in our own daily lives that will affect someone around us…make a moment in their day better, brighter, and filled with a little more hope or joy.

Maybe these tiny, baby steps toward perfection are my purpose…maybe that is the purpose for all of us. To fill our lives with such love and hope that it becomes contagious. To brighten a dark path and help make someone else’s journey a little easier. To fill a child’s heart with wonder so they can spread their wings and soar as they grow. To comfort a heart in suffering and ease the sorrow of a grieving soul.

If only for a moment, to make this world, this place, this home…more perfect, more like heaven.

This is my home. I am not ready to leave it yet…and more than anything I want my home to shine a little brighter because I have been here. So that others can see the True Light shining in the darkness. So that others can hear the music of His heart as He shares His Love with all of us…in OUR home. So that OUR home can become a little more like Heaven each and every day.

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