the sum of my parts…

In answer to a friend questioning what some of my “pink sisters” and I learned from our cancer journey, this is what I realized:

I was truly blessed by my cancer journey…weird to say. I learned that communities can (and will!) rally around their own, church communities really can behave like the new testament church, that God is real, alive and wants to be alive in me; that my husband and sons really are incredible men of faith and love; that I have a lot more friends and have touched a lot more lives than I thought I have; and mostly that life really is worth living! I have grappled with depression throughout my life (and during and right after chemo) and have often thought life wasn’t worth the effort. Now I see how wrong I was…I want to fill up every moment with every ounce that I have, savoring every piece…the good, the bad, the sad, the joyful, and the mundane. Not what I EVER imagined a person could learn from fighting cancer…

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